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Bluetooth Bottle

Bluetooth Bottle! Yes its a thermos flask with Bluetooth Speaker in the cap of the bottle. So enjoy the benefit of carrying a speaker for your outdoor activities along with keeping your fluids hot or cold for long durations.

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Waterproof Decorative lights (USB Powered)

USB powered waterproof decorative lights for lighting your festival days. Long enough to give that impact ! IP65 Rating : With an IP65 protection, the copper wire part is waterproof and can be immersed into water, perfectly for indoor and outdoor decorations.

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Washable Keyboard

Now forget the worry of water spilling on this washable Keyboard. The keyboard is designed with drainage holes, which makes it easy to clean and dry. Don't be afraid if the keyboard gets dirty or you spill your coffee on it by accident.  Feel free to give a shower to the keyboard!

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Mosquito/ Insect Bite Reliever

Mosquito Bite Reliever is a device which relieves skin bites with minor current stimulation. This accelerates the bite blood flow and eliminates mosquito bites with the secretion of anticoagulants, at the same time to prevent the production of histamine, achieve the result that stops urticant detumescence. Usage: ...

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AC Cooling Jacket

Go Out in the sun with comfort of being on a cool day. This cooling jacket with fans fitted inside to suck fresh air and lowering the inside temperature thus keeping you fresh and cool all day.

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Foldable Bottle

A Super foldable bottle which is lightweight takes less space and is easily carriable during your travels.  It is leak-proof and has a stainless steel cap for extra long life and sturdiness. It is dishwasher safe and easily cleanable. Expanded size is 9.5 inches and collapsable size is 5.5 inches. Furthermore is ...

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Beard Shaper Comb

Beard shaper comb will help you get rid of the expensive weekly barber visits for keeping your magnificent beard to stay that way.  With this product you can shape and style your facial hair in the way you like, quickly, easily at home.  This Item would be a useful gift for your brother, boyfriend or husband and they ...

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Wind Resistant Umbrella

Wind Resistant umbrella helps when you need to use the umbrella in windy conditions.  It has a special vent negates the force created by wind and allow the wind to pass through without drenching you.

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Wine Dispenser

Pouring liquor from its bottle every time you make a drink, is so old fashioned and boring as well.

So buy this liquor-dispenser to make your drink serving experience fun and more enjoyable. This funny yet cute liquor dispenser takes its inspiration .

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Super Cool Jacket

A Gel-filled jacket which helps you cool down in hot temperatures. It works by the evaporation technique and takes the body heat away and make you cool.  Provides 5-10 hours for relief as per the environment. Good for people who work and play hard outside in the heat.

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