Hand sanitizer, additionally called simply sanitizer, handrub, or hand rub, is a liquid or gel applied to the hands to evacuate basic pathogens (ailment causing organisms). Hand sanitizers ordinarily come in froth, gel, or fluid form.Their use is suggested when cleanser and water are not accessible for hand washing or when rehashed hand washing bargains the common skin boundary (e.g., making scaling or crevices create in the skin). Although the adequacy of hand sanitizer is variable, it is utilized as a straightforward methods for disease control in a wide assortment from day-care focuses and schools to medical clinics and medicinal services facilities and from general stores to voyage ships. Click here for  Sanitizers on amazon.

With coronavirus coming into our lives a whole lot of things have gone upside down. Not only business but the Gifting also has taken a drastic decline. People are apprehensive about sharing things and want to sanitize any foreign object coming to them as a necessity or as a Gift.

Thus Saintizers are something everybody wants now and there are different types of sanitizers from nano to mega ones.

Here we list out few sanitizers which can be very useful for one and all during the period of covid-19 and beyond.

Nano sanitizer machine Spray :

  • These kind of sanitizers are best for personal use and can be carried 24 hours in your pocket. The size is very small , smaller than your fist.
  • Major features:
  • Fully covered with less chance of contamination
  • Useful outdoors
  • carry all the time
  • Mist spray based so less quantity required
  • USB rechargable
  • one fill can last some 15 to 20 times on hand
  • Useful for Cars, door handles, public places,Lift buttons, taxi door handles
  • Nano Sanitizer Sprayer gun


This type is Gun spray based nano sanitizers is useful for areas touched by multiple people . The device has nano machine sprayer inside and does look like in shape of Gun.


        • Door Handles of Offices
        • Shops counters
        • Billing places
        • Credit Card Machines
        • Apartment common areas touch points

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