Chemo Port Pillow for Post-Surgery

Chemo Port Pillow for Post-Surgery is for heart surgery or chest chemo port, allow to attach to the seatbelt and fit snuggly, and stuffed to offer seat belt protection for surgeries.
After heart surgery or chemotherapy, for the ride home from the hospital, protect the chest sensitive areas cushioned and protected during car rides with this seatbelt pillow.
The seatbelt pillow filled with comfortable filling and covered in soft cotton. This includes a seat belt clip, you can use the seat belt clip to fix the position of the pillow.



Is your seat belt hitting your port, pacemaker or a young spot?

Give protection to the chest sensitive spaces cushioned right through car rides with this seatbelt Port pillow.

This seatbelt pillow across the higher a part of your seat belt whilst riding to your car. Face the soft pillow against your chest to stay the pressure of the seat belt.

If you are recovering from surgery, taking chemotherapy, or just need some rest, This Chemo Port Pillow is perfect for you! The pillow is designed to help you rest comfortably and support your head and neck while you are recovering.

Traveling has never been this comfortable and convenient. Port Pillows are not just ordinary neck pillows; they’re designed with the modern traveler in mind. These pillows are compact, lightweight, and easily attachable to your luggage. Plus, they come with a removable, machine-washable cover for easy maintenance.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Attaches securely to your luggage
  • Suitable for all modes of travel
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Your ultimate travel companion

How to Choose the right port pillow ?

Choosing the best port pillow involves several factors to ensure it provides the desired comfort and support.

Here are some steps to help you choose the right port pillow:

  1. Define the purpose: Decide if it’s for protection, comfort, or style.
  2. Size and shape: Match it to your port’s location and size.
  3. Material: Opt for soft, breathable options like foam or fiberfill.
  4. Attachment: Ensure easy and secure fastening, often with straps or Velcro.
  5. Design: Choose a visually appealing style that suits your taste.
  6. Washability: Check if it’s easy to clean, usually machine-washable.
  7. Reviews: Read user experiences for insights into comfort and durability.
  8. Accessibility: Find out where to purchase, considering hospitals or online options.
  9. Budget: Determine your spending limit, but balance with quality.
  10. Trial and error: Be open to trying a few options to find the best fit for your needs.

Some Other Port Pillow options


Welsoon 2 Pack Pacemaker Pillow

Designed to provide gentle cushioning and support for chest port and pacemaker patients during recovery.

HapiPoppy Mastectomy Seatbelt Pillows

Designed to ease the discomfort of breast cancer, chemo port, pacemaker, open-heart incision, bypass, and lumpectomy patients while offering a thoughtful and stylish gift option for women in a chic black Minky Dot design.

D. Cozy Seat Belt Pillow in a delightful Cute Flower design


Cozy Seat Belt Pillow in a delightful Cute Flower design - a soothing and supportive cushion designed to ease the discomfort of mastectomy, breast cancer, chemo port, and post-op heart surgery patients, available in a convenient pack of one.

Mastectomy Armpit Pillow for Breast Cancer Lymphedema Surgery Double Chest Healing Protector Recovery Post-Surgery Patient Care (Sunflower)


The Perfect Breast Cancer Survivor Gift for Women


Show your support and care with the perfect Breast Cancer Survivor Gift for Women - a thoughtful and comforting Post Mastectomy Pillow. This specially designed pillow is ideal for those recovering from breast cancer surgery, C-section procedures, or breast reduction, featuring a beautiful butterfly motif to bring solace and encouragement during their journey.

Wumimi Mastectomy Pillow

Wumimi Mastectomy Pillow - the perfect seat belt cushion and protector designed to bring relief to breast cancer, port, pacemaker, heart surgery, and C-section patients, featuring an attractive and soothing pink color.



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