Warm Lotion Dispenser

Feel the comfort of using your favorite lotion warmed with this dispenser for your daily churns. This device warms your favorite lotion in two minutes. Works with any hand, body, or Shaving lotion! Enjoy !!

Amazon.in Price: 6,449.00 (as of 05/05/2021 19:00 PST- Details)

Warm lotion dispenser will make you feel the comfort of using heated lotion on your face and body.

A warm lotion will penetrate deep into the skin and make you feel the smoothness

Use your preferred Cream in this multipurpose warm dispenser. Simply fill storage, and trust that moisturizer will warm-up. Use the warm cream to rub into the skin for a fantastic look and feel. With its versatile and reduced structure, it is super useful at home or in your office.


  • Tenderly warms your preferred salve shortly.
  • Works with any hand or body solution.
  • Warm salve enters profoundly to saturate and rejuvenate focused on skin.
  • Convenient and smaller for home or office use.
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