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These are products which we would suggest you have at home and be safe from corona and other viruses.


Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine

Nano Sanitizer spray machine designed for Currency, Car, Home, Office, Bank, Mobile Care & Personal CareThis mini sanitizer spray machine designed as a mini size, easy to handle, a must-have for everyone. Especially if you do traveling,

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Designer Face Mask

Bored of using normal masks, use this for a bit of fun and protection together.lightweight to wear fits above the ears and nose while still keeping the full neck covered and easy breathing.

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Neckline Grooming Tool

Give yourself and your family members a smart hair cut at home with this Neckline grooming tool. A must-have for every home in trying times.

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PEESAFE Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

Toilet seat sanitizer and deodorizer spray with a pleasant fragrance Protects against germs and bacteria Reduces the risk of bathroom borne diseases like Diarrhoea and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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Canopus Disinfectant Wet Wipes

Canopus Disinfectant Wipes are one of the best antibacterial wipes designed specifically for everybody either at home or working at hospitals to regularly disinfect themselves in case of unavailability of a sanitizer. These wipes can also be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and toilet seats to keep them free of germs and ...

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Reusable Respirator

Reusable Respirator, just dispose of the cartridge and filters when used to capacity. Can be disassembled, cleaned and reused. Very light-weight. Easy to adjust head straps. NIOSH approved for use against particulates and a variety of gases and vapors at concentrations up to 10 times the exposure limit, when used ...

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Giloy Tablets | Immunity Enhancer

Giloy is one of ayurvedic product which is said to be immunity boosters for kids and adults.It is advised by practitioners to have giloy during this pandemic to avoid coronavirus by enhancing immunity.

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Immunity Booster for Kids

Activkids immuno boosters by Cipla is a nutritional product for kids to build immunity .Each chocobite contains real almonds, multivitamins, iron, zinc and selenium which nutrients help build your kid’s immunity, reduce tiredness & fatigue, and support growth .Doctors suggest for kids to build immunity ...

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Disposable Gloves

Use these disposable gloves made with transparent plastic material to touch any foreign object like parcels , courier , ecommerce shopping deliveries, car door, door handles.These polythene gloves are powder free to reduce potential dust and contamination.You can provide this to you home services personnels ...

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Corona Virus 2020-The ultimate guide

Is your cough due to Corona virus ? There are actually confirmed infections with The brand new coronavirus in virtually every country on the earth.  There is at present no identified remedy to this fatal virus. Its similarity to the average flu is one thing that makes it tricky to spot. Are you aware what to do while ...

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These are products which we would suggest you have at home and be safe from corona and other viruses.

These products are collections from various sources and we thought to bring them to one place in public interest

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