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Just as we did for the summer, we keep searching and adding all the new unique products available on earth.

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We found everything from hand rakes that are useful in your yard to a multi-style poncho that converts into a scarf—most of them are available on Amazon. These are the clever unique products that you simply never knew you needed until using them for the primary time. They’ll make your life such a lot less stressful and every one the more enjoyable.


New Apple AirTag

The small circular tag is designed to be attached to items like keys and wallets to allow these accessories to be tracked using Bluetooth alongside Apple devices in the Find My App.Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag ...

Designer Face Mask

Bored of using normal masks, use this for a bit of fun and protection together.lightweight to wear fits above the ears and nose while still keeping the full neck covered and easy breathing.

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Rock Pillow Set

Stone Pillow is a way to bring nature into our homes . You can do great decoration of kids room, yoga schools, etc. with your imagination with these pillows.

$39,410.00 See On Amazon

Neckline Grooming Tool

Give yourself and your family members a smart hair cut at home with this Neckline grooming tool. A must-have for every home in trying times.

$3,734.37 See On Amazon

Warm Lotion Dispenser

Feel the comfort of using your favorite lotion warmed with this dispenser for your daily churns. This device warms your favorite lotion in two minutes. Works with any hand, body, or Shaving lotion! Enjoy !!

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Standing Cloth Hanger for Living Room

A great piece of non-messy cloth and accessories hanger for your living room. Improves your living room look and aesthetics.Key Features:Material: steel, shading: dark and Size: 16.99 Cm x 43 cm x 173.99 Cm Incredible for homes and stays with restricted space Simple for visitors to keep their things ...

Pepsi Can Ball Pens with Keychain

Light weight, convenient use and simple to convey outside. Pens are anything but difficult to grasp with little hands incredible as presents for pens. In vogue brilliant child's preferred pens. Perfect for birthday celebration return presents for kidsBundle Includes 24 Coke/Pepsi Shape Ball Pens with Keychain ...

$425.00 See On Amazon

Instant Sealing Tape

Waterproof Tape:Seal out water, air, and moisture. Patch large holes, cracks, gaps and bond together almost any objects Instantaneously.Useful for plasticized materials, siliconized, greasy, oily, dirty or porous surfaces, waterproof or water-repellent materials and fabrics.

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Instant Heating Tap

An unquestionable requirement for housewives: Your hands won't feel cold when washing dishes or doing the clothing. Of course,washing face and brushing teeth with warm water each morning are extraordinary delights.If it's not too much trouble Note: When you receieve the water radiator, kindly don't test it in your ...

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Smart Wearable Posture Corrector

Posture Corrector - Strack is a tiny wearable device that vibrates every time you slouch thus helping you live healthy through better back health. It alerts you with gentle vibration when bad posture is detectedStrack - India's First Smart Wearable Posture Corrector & Trainer Device for Men & Women

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Water Bottle BT Speaker

Meet Rover, a wireless speaker whose mission is to quench your thirst, literally It's a two in one product with a 400ML water bottle on one side and a wireless speaker that supports a Micro SD on another side The bottle also comes with a compass and a cup for easy drinking.

$1,050.00 See On Amazon

Bluetooth Bottle

Bluetooth Bottle! Yes its a thermos flask with Bluetooth Speaker in the cap of the bottle. So enjoy the benefit of carrying a speaker for your outdoor activities along with keeping your fluids hot or cold for long durations.

$15.85 See Price On Flipkart

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