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Get the perfect gift for all the geeks you know. Whether you geek is a superhero crazy, Xbox geek, a movie buff, or a cricket geek, we have something for all. From the retro electronic gifts to the Nintendo latest video game in news, and if you are weak on budget you will still find something to your liking.


ULTIMATE Multi-Tool Stylus Pen

A multi-purpose utility pen with 6 in 1 functions. This is what you will need to carry with you as one convenient stylus pen. Works as a stylus on all capacitive touch screen mobiles and electronics. It also has a utility clip so it can be attached to your pocket and be in easy reach when needed. The other end doubles ...

Corona Virus 2020-The ultimate guide

Is your cough due to Corona virus ? There are actually confirmed infections with The brand new coronavirus in virtually every country on the earth.  There is at present no identified remedy to this fatal virus. Its similarity to the average flu is one thing that makes it tricky to spot. Are you aware what to do while ...

Pepsi Can Ball Pens with Keychain

Light weight, convenient use and simple to convey outside. Pens are anything but difficult to grasp with little hands incredible as presents for pens. In vogue brilliant child's preferred pens. Perfect for birthday celebration return presents for kids Bundle Includes 24 Coke/Pepsi Shape Ball Pens with Keychain ...

Romantic 360 Degree Color Changing LED

Night Light Projector: Mounting on the wall or as lamp on the night table, bring the bedroom full of moon and star, it is good for your baby's peace and sweet sleep. Rotate, with Multiple Color Option: Rotate silently, color option include warm white, blue, red, and green. Can select a single light or multiple at ...

Instant Heating Tap

An unquestionable requirement for housewives: Your hands won't feel cold when washing dishes or doing the clothing. Of course,washing face and brushing teeth with warm water each morning are extraordinary delights. If it's not too much trouble Note: When you receieve the water radiator, kindly don't test it in your ...

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Water Bottle BT Speaker

Meet Rover, a wireless speaker whose mission is to quench your thirst, literally It's a two in one product with a 400ML water bottle on one side and a wireless speaker that supports a Micro SD on another side The bottle also comes with a compass and a cup for easy drinking.

Water Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker

Comes with a detachable speaker. Plays music wirelessly from your smartphone LED light pulses to your favourite beats!. Perfect for taking photos and selfies with 'Camera Mode'. Unique outer shell doubles as a smartphone stand.. You can even answer phone calls with the iWater speaker.

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Rear view Spy sunglasses

This glass has a built-in mirror which gives what's behind you and helps you at times when you are on the go. Keep an eye behind at all times and also use them from your fashion glasses.

Secret Locker

As you see this hair comb has used the space intelligently to create a hidden space to store valuables. And yes this can be a secret skill on how to carry valuables during travels, etc. With this you can beat the robbers in train as well.

Home Lie Detector

Stop doubting on your dear ones ! Do a lie detector test on them with help from the hand shocking lie detector. Use it on whom you are not able to trust , Servant, Friends, Colleagues . Think and you will find more ways to take its advantage.

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