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Who does want to have interesting products and utility items for better and comfortable living?

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We have items of daily, seasonal chores, personal usages and for bedroom and living room and so many useful pieces of stuff. Go ahead and take advantage of these unique home products and improve your lifestyle .


Soap Pump Dispenser

A pretty useful new design soap dispenser for dishwashing. A completely non-messy product. Multifunction Useful for home, school, office, hospital, hotel.  Ideal for commercial and public Places.

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Rock Pillow Set

Stone Pillow is a way to bring nature into our homes . You can do great decoration of kids room, yoga schools, etc. with your imagination with these pillows.

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Touch Sensor Wall Lamps

This touch sensor wall lamps are modular and you can design on your own. Choose the design according to your interior and enjoy new wall art in the form of light.  It's sensor operated and you can turn on or off these lights by simply tapping on it. The sensor even works when you place your hand above the light.

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Standing Cloth Hanger for Living Room

A great piece of non-messy cloth and accessories hanger for your living room. Improves your living room look and aesthetics. Key Features:

  • Material: steel, shading: dark and Size: 16.99 Cm x 43 cm x 173.99 Cm
  • Incredible for homes and stays with restricted space
  • ...

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Pocket Surface Sanitizer

Surface sanitizer , Carry anywhere and everywhere , use before getting in contact to any public place surface to avoid getting infected from any type of viruses including corona virus.

Contactless Infrared Thermometer

An accurate non contact Infrared Thermometer to measure body temperature . use this to keep a check on the body temperature of your family . Check along with other symptoms like cough , breathing problems etc.

  • It has built-in laser pointer
  • User ...

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ULTIMATE Multi-Tool Stylus Pen

A multi-purpose utility pen with 6 in 1 functions. This is what you will need to carry with you as one convenient stylus pen. Works as a stylus on all capacitive touch screen mobiles and electronics. It also has a utility clip so it can be attached to your pocket and be in easy reach when needed. The other end doubles ...

The ultimate guide on Corona Virus 2020

Is your cough due to Corona virus ? There are actually confirmed infections with The brand new coronavirus in virtually every country on the earth.  There is at present no identified remedy to this fatal virus. Its similarity to the average flu is one thing that makes it tricky to spot. Are you aware what to do while ...

Instant Sealing Tape

Waterproof Tape: Seal out water, air, and moisture. Patch large holes, cracks, gaps and bond together almost any objects Instantaneously. Useful for plasticized materials, siliconized, greasy, oily, dirty or porous surfaces, waterproof or water-repellent materials and fabrics.

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