11 Auspicious Silver Gift Items For Marriage Which You Should Consider

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Giving Silver Gift Items For Marriage has been followed since ages. Silver is another most wished metal after gold. Unlike gold, silver has a variety of unique properties and can still be used in a variety of cases.

While gold is to be worn only as a jewel, silver is also used in its ‘utensils, plates, glasses! Also there are some spiritual remedies with Silver. Toddler accessories are also made of silver. The unique properties of silver not only make the product shiny, but it is believed that it contains some elements that are healthy. This is the reason why you will see people eating and drinking in silver plates and glasses respectively.

Silver wark is also use for consuming by humans and widely used as a thin layer over Sweets.

We cannot think of any important event in India without silver. Silver products are mostly used as gift articles, whether it is a baby shower event, or a baby naming ceremony, or a grand wedding, or important wedding anniversaries like home warming ceremony, 25th anniversary, 50th anniversary etc.

The best part is the price of silver gift items Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3,000 which is an affordable wedding gift in that category.

Most people present boring silver gifts for married couples, which cannot be used in everyday life. Any gift must either look beautiful or it must be useful, if not both, then the purpose of the gift is defeated. Most people get boring gifts, so we believe they keep it useless and give the same product to less important people. And, the gift moves.

We believe that gifts should come directly from the heart; Anything that is smart should make the receiver happy. Giving is better than giving and everyone should consider giving a gift in it.

And, since we are always far from thinking about what gifts to give and where to give them, We have selected most liked silver gift items for marriage after some research and presenting you some unique silver wedding gift ideas that you can happily give away!


Silver Ring Pair (A nice Silver Gift Item for Marriage)

Jewelry is most preferred by women and silver is also a good investment. However people get a lot of gold jewelery for their wedding like gold couple bands, platinum couple bands, etc. They may not be suitable for everyday use as they may be expensive and reserved for special occasions.

But you can gift them pure sterling silver jewelry, which can be worn for daily use. You can choose any jewelery like ring, pendant, earring. You found many designs in the price range of RS. 2-3K.


Silver KumKum Box

silver gift Items for marriage

Kumkum box bharani made in silver are the perfect gift for the ladies of his wedding. She will start applying kumkum on her forehead after the wedding, this gift can be more useful for her. Although people use different materials to make kumkum boxes, the item made of silver is something special.


Lakshmi Ganesha Idol

An ever green silver gift item for everyone.

Lord Ganesha is becoming a devotee as the first god of Hinduism and Lakshmi is known for prosperity. You can gift Lakshmi and Ganesha idols in silver as a symbol of blessing for the beginning of the couple’s new life. The price range of these silver gifts for marriage will be around Rs 2,000. You can choose to buy these auspicious gifts as a combo or in person.


Silver Plate

A silver gift item for puja and special usages.

You will hardly see anyone gifting silver plates, but this is one of the unique silver gifts you can give someone. It said that a gift of silver is very auspicious and have food in a silver plate increases mental ability. Many old Kings of old era used to have food in Silver Plates for this reason. Prices would be based on size roughly around 1000 to 3000 Rs.


A mini silver container

To keep small items like mouth freshner etc for handy use.

Many men and women want to carry things like mint , powder fragrance etc every time. This will be a very useful rich gift for them.


Silver Vanity Box

An Evergreen Vanity box for women

A vanity box is an essential item for every women . Gifting a silver vanity box is not very common and there are many palstic designs and people get attracted . But this silver git item for marriage is very auspicous as touching and wearing silver regularly is astrologically beneficial.


Silver Coin

Most people prefer gold coin to present at wedding and silver coin is the best option for them. You can buy high weight silver coins because the price of silver per ounce is much lower than gold.

If you don’t want to go with plain silver coins, you can make it special by personalizing the silver coin with the option of engraving and customizing it to your liking.


Silver Tortoise

For good vibes at home and good luck

keeping tortoise at home is said to give positive vibrations to house and brings auspiciousness and good luck to the family. It would be a nice silver gift for married couples.


Silver Tulsi Plant Decor

To give a auspicious look to your tulsi pot.

Keeping a Tulsi plant is essential in most hindu falimies and doing worship daily with grace of silver is an added auspicious feeling.


Silver Ring

A polished silver ring with Glittering Stone

A ring is a evergreen gift which can be given on occasions of marriage and anniversaries.


Silver Plated Photo Frame

A Perfect Wedding and anniversary Gift

An Everlasting gift for occasions like marriage and receptions.

These were some of the cool long-lasting Silver Gift Items for marriage that will be appreciated by everyone!

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